¡Welcome to Springfield!

Homer´s token has the advantage of instant Staking, that way it saves you time and let you grab a Duff beer, jump in your couch and watch krustys stupidity all day while you make money!!

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About our token

Oh yeah, it's that good. See for yourself.

Initial token supply: 8,476,300.
Homer distributes & burns 4% of each transaction.

  • 1.5% Is going to be burned in the Springfield Nuclear power plant.
  • 2.5% will see the kindness of Homer giving back to the people of Springfield (holders).
  • There are 0 team tokens!


And lastly, this one. Instant Staking.

With the Homer Token there is no need to stake or lock up your tokens anywhere to receive rewards. Just hold tokens in your wallet and watch your balance increase. You can buy a duff while you wait.

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